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October 2018

Cost of Living in Belize

There are a lot of conflicting reports about the cost of living in Belize, and for good reason. Belize is not the cheapest place in Central America to live. However, the vast majority of expats figure out with experience, how to live on much less than in the U.S., and with a higher quality of life. Due to the fact Belize is not an overly materialistic country, means the biggest change that expats see...

English-Speaking Belize: The Easiest Country on the Caribbean

Belize is a country that not many people know much about. It is a young state, only independent since 1981, before which it was British Honduras. The British have had a huge influence on this small Caribbean nation, to the point where the Queen is still on the paper money. It is the only country in the region with English as the official language, and this among many other reasons makes it a comfortable...

Living in Stress-Free Belize on 66% Less Than in the U.S.

If you drop by Dan and Mary Elizabeth Crofts home in Corozal, Belize, you might find Dan indulging in one of his favorite new pastimes…feeding the local iguanas. Mary Elizabeth explains, “We have a family of three that we have named: Greta, Gary, and their son, Genghis. They love bananas and we have a video of Dan feeding them.” And Mary Elizabeth would likely be whipping up a delicious baked...

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