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Why Belize?

Belize is a Caribbean playground that is truly blessed by time, nature and culture. The country of Belize is slightly smaller than the state of Massachusetts, approximately 8,800 square miles and hosts a population of a little over 370,000 people; it boasts the longest barrier reef system in the Western Hemisphere running down the entire coast, 240 miles.

The official language of Belize is English so no need to worry about communication. The people of Belize make their country a special place, friendly and welcoming. More than 1 million tourists are currently visiting Belize to experience its exotic wildlife, topical jungles, spectacular waterfalls, Mayan ruins, sandy beaches, crystal blue Caribbean waters and so much more.

As they say “Belize in it” or join us and LIVit Belize.


The weather temperature ranges from 75F (24C) to 89F (32C) with an average annual temperature of 85F (29C).

Belize is located very close to the equator. Very tropical and of course the weather is warm year round, that’s why we have the beaches and ocean.

Property Rights

The country has no restrictions on the limits of foreign ownership and control; however, there is a prerequisite that foreign investors obtain prior clearance from the Central Bank of Belize in order to own shares in a Belizean company, and allows 100 percent foreign ownership of an enterprise.

There are three different types of titles to freehold property in Belize: Deed of Conveyance, Transfer of Certificate of Title, and Land Certificate. The government is in the process of re-registering all freehold lands to achieve a uniform system of nationwide land ownership in other words fee simple title just like in the United States.

Currency & Government

Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth and has the Queen of England as Head of State and received its independence September 21, 1981. Belize currency or alternatively BZ$ is tied to the US Dollar at a 2:1 ratio. The US Dollar is widely used and accepted at most businesses except at smaller establishments. You most likely will receive change in both currencies.

Tax Haven

The Government of Belize started the process of becoming a tax haven in the early 1990’s to attract offshore companies. If you are a non-citizen of the country and receive dividends, capital gains, earned interest and revenues from an offshore company incorporated in Belize, that income is tax-free. Belize is considered to be one of the most corporate-friendly nations in the world. Belize is considered as the next generation of tax havens.

Retirement Incentives


Belize offers a (Qualified Retirement Program QRP) that allows a person 45 year or older to retire in Belize. Belize considers you a resident and you can import your belongings duty free. The process is not difficult and can be done within a couple of months. Once approved you do not have to get your tourist visa renewed every 30 days. You can bring your spouse and kids even though they’re much younger.

Once approved you can import your household goods, a car, boat or plane, duty free. Under the QRP program you can derive income outside of Belize and that foreign income is exempt from Belizean tax.

The QRP program requires that you deposit $2,000 a month or $24,000 a year into a Belize bank account. Depending on the bank you can keep your money in US Dollars.

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