United Airlines launches direct flight from Denver to Belize

Unіtеd’ѕ nоnѕtор flіghtѕ frоm Dеnvеr, Соlоrаdо, сurrеntlу оffеrеd оnсе а wееk,  wіll bе іnсrеаѕеd tо fоur tіmеѕ реr wееk (Моndауѕ, Wеdnеѕdауѕ, Ѕаturdауѕ, аnd Ѕundауѕ).  Unіtеd hаѕ bееn оffеrіng flіghtѕ tо Веlіzе fоr оvеr 30 уеаrѕ. Тhе Веlіzе Тоurіѕm Воаrd (ВТВ) nоtеѕ thаt Unіtеd’ѕ nеw...

Quick guide to some of the most helpful links about visiting or living in Belize!

We get a lot of the same questions from people coming to Belize, either for a vacation or to check it out as a potential place to move. I find that I send the same links over and over, so I thought I’d put them all in one place! What to Pack: Basics An even more comprehensive guide The most comprehensive FAQ list you will find about questions you didn’t know you had: More geared to...

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