Getting Around

Transportation includes local airlines, helicopter, rental cars, tour operators and buses that make getting around Belize easy. Remember to pack your sense of adventure, whether you’re headed to the beach, a dive site, Maya temples or any combination. Be ready for a journey.

Car Rental

The major car rental agencies are located in Belize City and more so at the international airport.

There is a highway and road system that connects all mainland towns, villages and attractions. This system allows travelers to fashion a unique combination of experiences in one of the last unspoiled places on earth.

Driving at night is not recommended as roads are not well lighted.

All roads in the country are used by vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, so be careful.

Belize drivers have some local peculiarities such as pulling to the right to let the cars behind pass before making a left turn.

Be sure to get a sturdy SUV or comparable vehicle as the roads are bumpy. One of our favorite is Crystal Auto Rental.

Private Ground

Most Belizeans travel the country using public buses as their primary form of transportation. There are bus terminals in the larger towns and cities with bus stops all over the country.

Water Taxis

Boats, known locally as water taxis, are the primary means of transportation between the islands and the mainland and, of course, to barrier reef attractions. Regularly scheduled water taxis operate between Belize City, Caye Caulker and San Pedro.  Take the Belize Express.

Domestic Flights

There are small airports located all around Belize and hopping on one is the fastest and most popular way of traveling, especially for itineraries that combine different in-country locations.

Flight schedules are coordinated with the arrival and departure of international flights, for even more convenient traveling and exploring. Air service is fairly inexpensive at around $70 USD on way. Maya Island Air and Tropic Air, will get you where you want with breath taking views along the journey.

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