Where to Find the Best Beaches in Belize

Belize is well-known for its famous Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. For decades adventurous scuba divers and anglers have vacationed in Belize, in pursuit of their favorite marine sports. But this tiny country also has some fine beaches. But they aren’t always obvious to the first-time tourist. Fortunately, the majority of Belize’s beaches are public...

Quick guide to some of the most helpful links about visiting or living in Belize!

We get a lot of the same questions from people coming to Belize, either for a vacation or to check it out as a potential place to move. I find that I send the same links over and over, so I thought I’d put them all in one place! What to Pack: Basics An even more comprehensive guide The most comprehensive FAQ list you will find about questions you didn’t know you had: More geared to...

Beach Bars and Sunset Cruises: A Typical Week in Placencia, Belize

I have been living in Belize for about five years now. I made my home base in Placencia, a laid-back community in the southern part of Belize.  I have chosen this spot for good reason. Placencia is known as the prettiest village in the country. It's beautifully situated on a 16-mile peninsula that is mostly very skinny—in some places you can see the sparkling Caribbean on both sides of the one...

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