Belize Listed Safest for Americans to Visit with Low COVID-19 Rates by USA Today

Many Americans are eager to use their passports and travel to places like the Caribbean again after nearly a year of lockdowns.  With this, many Caribbean countries are working on keeping their citizens safe, while keeping the tourism industry afloat on which many of their local economies rely on.  Applying rapid arrival and departure testing, approved hotels and tourism offerings are all part of the push to keep visitors and locals safe.


According to USA Today article, which outlines Caribbean destinations open to Americans, COVID-19 cases are generally declining and in the low three-digit range per day for the past month.  Based on information from U.S. State Department and the CDC, countries with ratings of 3 or 4 are considered at risk.  However, countries like Belize, have new daily cases less than 30.  Check the latest data from the WHO.



If Belize is a destination in your future, please keep in mind that you must download and complete the Belize Health app in the 72 hours before you travel.

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